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Delta Compresion SRL, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

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About the company

Delta Compresion SRL, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA, Delta is one of the largest dedicated Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Compressor and Dispenser manufacturers in the World. It has approximately 25% of the world market share. We are the exclusive representative of Delta in India and in the past 3 years have sold more than 400 compressors and 135 Dispensers in various locations in India. We are providing Delta with complete market report and analysis of the CNG business in India, we provide complete assistance in the tender process in India and complete installation and commissioning and operation and maintenance services for the compressors and Dispensers.

We are also providing O&M services to refueling station for compressor package and dispensing system after warranty period.

We can provide consultancy services, for design to Operation and maintenance including Installation and commissioning for CNG refueling stations, by a reputed international company/ agency based in Argentina.
We can also provide complete package for CNG transportation system and Daughter station etc. from International Company based in Argentina.

Website Link: www.asprognc.com